s o c k i i p r e s s . o r g

Back in 1999 I opened "sockiipress" as a small hosting domain for fan-fiction authors, fansites and speciality archives. After the Geocities shutdown in October 2009, I also offered "rescue/archival" services to sites affected and writers who wanted a place to back up their works.

These sites remain here today (unless asked for removal by their creators) and I think it's a fun look back at how fansites used to be in the "olden days" of internet fandom.
A-Slash Archive Beyond The Rim
Chez Jenny Saypaw Cicero's Vestibulum
Fanfiction by Kest Paradox
Policefans.org The Rose Garden
Shanghai Slash sidewinder
sockii's A-Team homepage Tiriel's Treats
Too Kool To Kalypso xmas_rocks
If you are looking for a hosting solution for a personal fannish site of any kind, please feel free to contact sockii for more information (yes it's 2024 and I'm still around!)