s o c k i i p r e s s . o r g

sockiipress is a fan-run hosting site for fan-fiction authors, fansites and small archives, first opened in 1999 and still actively supported today. We do not charge for hosting and actively reached out to provide hosting solutions for fans affected by the Geocities shutdown in October 2009. Our current list of hosted domains and sub-domains includes:
A-Slash Archive Beyond The Rim
Chez Jenny Saypaw ChimeraFic
Cicero's Vestibulum Fanfiction by Kest
Paradox Policefans.org
The Rose Garden Shanghai Slash
sidewinder sockii
sockii's A-Team homepage Tiriel's Treats
Too Kool To Kalypso xmas_rocks
If you are looking for a hosting solution for a personal fiction site or small fandom archive, please feel free to contact sockii for more information.

Who is Sockii, anyway? Read the link if you want to find out.