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Babylon 5

NightcrawlerCafe Amaretti06/14/013kNC-17 Slash. Sinclair asks Michael for a favor.
NightcrawlerTogether06/14/018kNC-17 Slash. Sakai returns to Sinclair and Garibaldi has an encounter with Zack.

mixed fandoms/crossovers

NightcrawlerA Taste of Xev02/22/0110kNC-17 Babylon 5/Lex crossover. Adult language and situations. Xev goes shopping in the Zocolo and picks up more than she expected.

The Sentinel

EvermoreWorse Than Death02/13/0111kNC-17 Slash. A trip into the woods proves to be a big mistake for Jim and Blair. Will Jim use these last moments to declare his love for his Guide?

Shanghai Noon

NightcrawlerLove's Warm Glow02/12/0119kNC-17 Slash, male/male NC17, not overly graphic, but graphic enough. Adult situations and language. After Chon almost dies in a blizzard, Chon and Roy celebrate Valentine's Day.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

KaylaVelvet Knight04/19/0114kNC-17 NC17, m/f. Qui-Gon, couch, wine 'nuff said.


Lori BushCruel Justice02/05/0139kR This story is rated R for a small sexual scene, and lots and lots of disturbing imagery and concepts. I haven't seen the sixth season at all, but I do read spoilers. It occurred to me -- what if all this horrible stuff was just too much to bear?


Ellie and TirielBedtime for Fox02/22/0196kR Okay, fine, mostly by the demand of Our First Fan, Russianrat, (who has now, perhaps, learned to be careful what he wishes for... oh, and thanks from both of us, dear!) it's the return of the Amazon Goddesses, Ellie and Tiriel. We decided that we didn't need to wait for the new season to start. We can spoof it sight unseen. Tiriel sends a public apology to Aithine, who will never be able to watch a certain film with a straight face again. Again, there're a couple of extra jokes for those who've read our previous two efforts. And as always, as if we needed to say it, they aren't ours, and this is all in the spirit of good, clean fun. Okay, maybe not clean...
Ellie and TirielI'll Take What's Behind Door Number Two02/22/0137kR One day, Ellie and Tiriel set to pondering how exactly it is that Scully found Mulder at the end of the episode "The Sixth Extinction II." I mean, she got the keycard, but how did she know where the room the key fit was? These are the results. Most of the characters mentioned or depicted herein aren't ours, we just borrowed them for a little while in the name of good fun.
Ellie and TirielThree FBI Agents, Three Conspiracy Members, Three Conspiracy Theorists, Three Extraneous Family Members (Two Real, One Imagined), Seven Ghosts, A Surfer, and A Baby...02/22/0144kR Once again, the dynamic duo of Ellie and Tiriel set to speculating about an X-Files enigma. The topic this time: the paternity of Scully's baby. Nobody in here belongs to us, and this is parody, so the depiction of one real person in here is intended for laughs only. If you've read our previous XF effort, you might catch an extra joke.

Young Riders

EvermoreBut Not Yet02/13/0121kNC-17 Contains graphic sex, slash. An impromptu hunt for the source of an odd noise rapidly turns into something altogether different..

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