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The A-Team

NightcrawlerThe Easter Bunny04/19/0111kG Murdock awaits the Easter Bunny.
Rhonda EudalyThere Goes the Neighborhood02/05/0124kPG No sex, no language, some violence - and yet I managed to get every stinking element of Echo's challenge in there. Probably not the way she anticipated, but that's my business. So there.


Rhonda EudalyThe Way to the Commonwealth06/14/015kG My answer to Sockii's dialogue challenge.

Babylon 5

KaylaI'm Not a Goober04/19/0119kPG This story, is the result of a private joke. I hope you all enjoy it! Its really odd
Rhonda EudalyAll in the Mind04/19/0120kPG This story takes place during the Valentine's story I just posted and through "Shadow Dancing". Bill's Minbari telepath has shown up twice in the 3rd season for pivotal roles. Even though he was never named, nor allowed to speak, and merely appeared and disappeared, the character fascinates me. I thought I'd give him a bit
Rhonda EudalyA Minbari, A Brakiri, and A Narn ... Oh My03/18/0119kPG This story is dedicated to a dear friend of mine who is one of the unsung heros of the entertainment world, Bill Blair. The three featured characters of this story have no names, though if you followed the show at all, you might remember seeing them. They were/are plot important characters, but never said a word. Well, I thought it was high time they were able to speak. And since the show's been over for years now, this was one of the few ways to do it. Let me tell you, writing fanfic for background characters that never speak was quite a challenge
Rhonda EudalyThe Emperor's New Clothes06/03/0122k Vir remembers his life and how he finally became emperor.


Rhonda EudalyAll the World's a Stage02/05/0136kPG  
Rhonda EudalyLight Up My Life06/03/0117kPG Zeke finds whole new meaning to "Hell on Earth."


Rhonda EudalyIn the Company of Women02/05/0128kPG Okay, here it is, finally, the Farscape TUTU story.


EvermoreA Bitter Suite02/13/0113kPG-13 Major Character Death. Major AU. Child-rape, child-molestation. Bad language.) 'If' is the most powerful word in the English language. With it, anything can be made to happen and new possibilities unfold as from Mary Poppin's carpetbag. What if ... Tim Bayliss failed to survive his childhood? How might things have changed in the unit?
EvermoreEvery Day02/13/0113kPG-13 On death row for Ryland's murder, Tim Bayliss must come to terms with his past, his present, and his future.

Invisible Man

Rhonda EudalyHappy Birthday, Mother02/05/012kG Challenge: SSES fan fic
Rhonda EudalyPhotograph 02/05/0151kPG The invisible man becomes a target.

mixed fandoms/crossovers

Rhonda EudalyAlways Been 06/14/0125kPG Sheridan comes to understand one of Kosh's statements a little better.
Rhonda EudalySeamus on You 02/22/0110kPG Andromeda/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine crossover. BTR challenge response.
Rhonda EudalyThe End of the Beginning 06/03/0142kPG/PG-13 This is in the 3rd season of Bab 5. Zeke Stone has come back one more time - with a slightly new employer - to take care of one last task in the face of the Great Shadow War.
Rhonda EudalyWho Wants to Take Over the World? 02/05/0114kPG Farscape, Brimstone, Xena, Pinky and the Brain, Win Ben Stein's Money


Rhonda EudalyBrother's Keeper03/18/0141kPG This one's also because Sockii needed it again. It was for one of her obscure fandom zines. It fell into a TRIS/TGR black hole, so I thought I'd try here. Less of a distance to fall.


Rhonda EudalyThe Big Blue Frog King02/05/0123kPG This is a combination of "The Frog King" by the Brothers Grimm and "I'm in Love with a Big Blue Frog" by Leslie Braunstein, recorded by Peter Paul & Mary.

Star Wars

KaylaThe Shattered Dream of a Jedi02/05/0110kPG A Jedi comes to terms with the will of the Force.


Lori BushAnother Year Older02/05/019kG Actually this story responds to *two* Challenges - the TRIS Birthday challenge, of course, but it was originally written upon the occasion of my own fortieth birthday, when my husband said, "Why don't you write a story where one of the Xena characters turns forty?" He has a funny way of trying to get my mind off of things, doesn't he?
Lori BushGina02/05/0130kG -
Rhonda EudalyHappy Birthday02/22/0139kPG-13 M/M slash innuendo. Iolaus discovers how powerful a Birthday wish can be.
Lori BushHolding out for a Hero02/05/0111kG Joxer from a different perspective.
Lori BushHome is Where the Heart Is02/05/0151kPG This story is as close to being co-authored by Chris Shultz as anything I've ever written. He suggested this story a long time ago. Chris likes to pick out characters I haven't written and challenge me to do something with them, and this time he pushed me to use Lila, and to explore Gabrielle's current relationship with her family. He suggested a few possible scenes. And of course, he edited the finished product, which he likes a lot (I wonder why? g). So as always, Chris - no even more than always, my thanks to you. This wouldn't even exist without you.
Lori BushI Don't Know You Anymore02/05/017kG Gabrielle visits an old friend.
Lori BushThe Impractical Magic Series 1: The Gift that Keeps on Giving02/06/0134kPG-13 As I said in the disclaimer, there's a lot of Terry Pratchett in this series. I fell in love with the Discworld books after meeting the author at AggieCon, and just saw some concepts in his stories that I couldn't resist borrowing. This doesn't go far enough to be considered a crossover, but perhaps it is a toeover. Just a little dip into Discworld.
Lori BushThe Impractical Magic Series 2: Ooops, I Did It Again02/06/0135kPG-13 This is story number two in the series.
Lori BushThe Impractical Magic Series 3: Spelling Lessons02/06/0128kPG-13 This is story number three in the series.
Lori BushThe Impractical Magic Series 4: Every Witch Way02/06/0123kPG-13 This is story number four in the series.
Lori BushThe Impractical Magic Series 5: School Daze02/06/0127kPG-13 This is story number five in the series.
Lori BushThe Impractical Magic Series 6: Something Wicked This Way Comes02/06/0133kPG-13 This is story number six in the series.
Lori BushLooking Back02/06/0124kPG This story is a wrap-around story, connected with the story "Innocence." It was inspired by the Mary Chapin-Carpenter song quoted here, and the way people responded to the original story and the idea of the two sidekicks as kids. And the fact that I love writing Lila, Jett and Jace... And recent discussion on the SUJE list about Jace and Jett particularly made me want to let this one out.
Lori BushMortal Coil02/06/0120kPG Joxer reveals some family secrets to Gabrielle.
Lori BushRun the Wild Country02/06/017k- A Lyrics Challenge Story. No sex, no violence. Angst.
Lori BushWhat's Eternity Between Friends?02/06/0112kPG Sequel to "Mortal Coil".
MommaMuseAnd the Winner Is?02/05/019kPG-13 I dunno. Jox dreams. It's not that long of a story, really, to summarize.
Rhonda EudalyA Mid-Winter Solstice Dream02/05/0126kG -

Young Riders

EvermoreNothing Sacred02/13/0170kPG-13 While Buck may have forgiven Cody for the sacrilege against his religion, he explains that he dared not make Cody perform the actual ritual because he feared Cody would not survive it. However, the spirits are less than impressed with this excuse, and have neither forgiven nor forgotten. Raven and Coyote take their revenge on the two boys -- one a liar, and the other a thief -- in a most peculiar fashion.
EvermoreYou May Forget02/13/016kPG-13 Slash relationship, but nonexplicit. Ike spends some quiet time musing about the past, the present, and the future while watching Buck sleep.

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