Happy Birthday, Mother

by Rhonda Eudaly (reudaly@excite.com)

Rating: G

Warnings: Not a one

Challenge: SSES fan fic

Word Count: 157 - sorry, couldn't cut it down

Archive: Yeah, go ahead

Arnaud de Thiel couldn't believe he was here. Number One on a dozen law enforcement Most Wanted lists, and he was roaming the aisles of a Wal Mart in some podunk town. What could be taking his buffoon of a brother so long? There he was.

"Brother? What's the problem? I send you in for a simple thing, and look!"

"But Brother, there are so many of them!" Huisclo wailed. "How to choose?"

Arnaud sighed. "Sometimes I wonder why I ever broke you out of jail."

"Mother asked you to, for her birthday."

"So, pick out the hair dryer, and let's go."

"Which one?"

"Pick one. This one is big enough to get anything through Customs."

"Would she like it rather than the blue one, though? It IS her birthday. It should be nice."

Arnaud rolled his eyes. He just couldn't believe Huisclo was really his brother at times. Oh, yes, Happy Birthday, Mother.